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About Us

Charmed Ink officially launched in 2015, but it really started way back in the 80s, with oodles of doodles and the beginnings of a dream for creator Susie Ostrowski. Most of Susie’s creative career was spent in graphic design (learn more here!) and later, web development. But she couldn’t get rid of that nagging urge to create something a little more magical. Finally, after a lot of late nights and not a little uncertainty, this shop was born.

All of our illustrations have a touch of whimsy and fun. Our kid-oriented items have been tested, approved, and often inspired by Grace, Susie’s seven-year-old daughter. And although we tend to make items mostly with children in mind, many of our designs appeal to all ages. It is our philosophy that you are never too old for mermaids, narwhals, or magic.

We sincerely hope you will be absolutely charmed by our products. (See what we did there?) If you have any questions at all, or just want to say hey, please email us at

Find us on instagram @charmedinkstudio